March 17th, 2017

Friday Night at the MPW Arena
March 3, 2017
Moorpark, CA.

Ray Rosas defeated Hobo via disqualification (Hobo inadvertently kneed the referee in the nether-regions).

“Lethal” Logan X defeated Diablo del Negro via pin fall. Jugo Kong defeated Uday Ukleja via disqualification (The Bigger Banana debuted by revealing himself as a henchman for Uday Ukleja).

Master Flame defeated Duke Bennett via Count Out. After the match, Bennett attacked the knee of Master Flame before demanding a rematch from MPW Owner, Triple X.

Daniel Moon defeated Osiris Mittens with the help of Aurora Starr’s Moonsault while the referee was distracted, followed up by a Moon-Landing and a pin fall.

The Echelon (Roadblock & Bulletproof) defeated Clubbin’ Cody & Danny Divine via pinfall to become two-time MPW Tag Team Champions. During the match, Daniel Moon took Divine out of the match when the referee had his back turned. By the time Cody was pinned, Divine attempted to make the save but was too late. Afterwards, Clubbin’ Cody & Danny Divine challenged Moon and any partner he chooses in a tag team match next week.

Dan Joseph defeated Mikey O’Shea via pin fall to retain the MPW World Championship, but was nailed with a trash can by “Lethal” Logan X to cut his victory celebration short.

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