Hellkid’s Retirement June 2nd 2017

June 2, 2016 Hellkid Retirement Celebration MPW Arena Moorpark, CA

In celebration of Hellkid’s career, MPW held an MWA Student Showcase building up to the Main Event which featured Hellkid’s last match.

John Olson made his MPW debut and faced MPW National Champion, Daniel Moon. Moon defeated Olson via submission by way of a calf-crusher.

CJ Grunge made his MPW debut and faced his trainer, the Punk Rock Powerhouse, Brawlin’ Bo Cooper. Cooper defeated Grunge via pin fall, after catching Grunge off the top rope into a Spiccoli Driver.

Pee Wee Maximus made his MPW debut and faced Danny Divine. Danny Divine defeated Maximus via pin fall after a Divine Intervention (cutter). MPW rookie sensation, Brendan Divine took on the veteran Hector Canales. Canales defeated Divine via pin fall after driving Divine down with a standing spinebuster.

“Tag Anyone Match” (Tag-Style Fatal Five-way) – The winner of this match will be the last team to enter the MPW Tag Team Gauntlet at the 805·ONE·Iversary Super Show. The Bigger Banana represented the Bananas of Uklejakstan. Bulletproof represented the Echelon. Hydie represented Figgy & The Sweetfish. Master Flame represented Rising Sun. And Osiris Mittens represented the Extraordinary Feelyons. Bulletproof defeated the Bigger Banana after delivering “Equilibrium,” a curb-stomp variation. The Echelon will be the last team to enter the Gauntlet on Saturday.

In the Main Event, The Hellkid challenged the rival of his career, the MPW World Champion, “Lethal” Logan X. After delivering two “Amazing Grace” double-arm DDT’s to the champion, The Hellkid scored the victory and became the first ever Three-Time MPW World Champion. MPW Owner, Triple X entered the ring and awarded Hellkid with MPW World Championship, and then surprised Hellkid with additional hardware – inducting the newly crowned champion to the MPW Hall of Fame. Shortly after the celebration, Triple X acknowledged that Hellkid was retiring at the end of the night, and that Hellkid still had a few hours left on his MPW contract, and that the World Championship Rematch would start right now. The referee called for the bell, and Logan X immediately rolled up The Hellkid for a pin fall victory. The winner and new MPW World Champion, “Lethal” Logan X.

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