MPW Results 1-12-18

1️⃣. Brendan Divine beats Duke Bennett by DQ

2️⃣. Malkor The Destroyer defeats The Great Zumba via pinfall

3️⃣. Andrew Mercer defeats Frankie Frank via pinfall

4️⃣. Danny Divine defeats Che Cabrera via pinfall (Earns 2 points in the Millennium Cup Series)

5️⃣. Figgy and Sweetfish defeats Team RTC-Brawlin’ Bo Cooper and Drew Evrist via pinfall

6️⃣. Ray Rosas defeats Daniel Moon via pinfall
(Earns 2 points in the Millennium Cup Series)

See you next week!!!

Hellkid’s Retirement June 2nd 2017

June 2, 2016 Hellkid Retirement Celebration MPW Arena Moorpark, CA

In celebration of Hellkid’s career, MPW held an MWA Student Showcase building up to the Main Event which featured Hellkid’s last match.

John Olson made his MPW debut and faced MPW National Champion, Daniel Moon. Moon defeated Olson via submission by way of a calf-crusher.

CJ Grunge made his MPW debut and faced his trainer, the Punk Rock Powerhouse, Brawlin’ Bo Cooper. Cooper defeated Grunge via pin fall, after catching Grunge off the top rope into a Spiccoli Driver.

Pee Wee Maximus made his MPW debut and faced Danny Divine. Danny Divine defeated Maximus via pin fall after a Divine Intervention (cutter). MPW rookie sensation, Brendan Divine took on the veteran Hector Canales. Canales defeated Divine via pin fall after driving Divine down with a standing spinebuster.

“Tag Anyone Match” (Tag-Style Fatal Five-way) – The winner of this match will be the last team to enter the MPW Tag Team Gauntlet at the 805·ONE·Iversary Super Show. The Bigger Banana represented the Bananas of Uklejakstan. Bulletproof represented the Echelon. Hydie represented Figgy & The Sweetfish. Master Flame represented Rising Sun. And Osiris Mittens represented the Extraordinary Feelyons. Bulletproof defeated the Bigger Banana after delivering “Equilibrium,” a curb-stomp variation. The Echelon will be the last team to enter the Gauntlet on Saturday.

In the Main Event, The Hellkid challenged the rival of his career, the MPW World Champion, “Lethal” Logan X. After delivering two “Amazing Grace” double-arm DDT’s to the champion, The Hellkid scored the victory and became the first ever Three-Time MPW World Champion. MPW Owner, Triple X entered the ring and awarded Hellkid with MPW World Championship, and then surprised Hellkid with additional hardware – inducting the newly crowned champion to the MPW Hall of Fame. Shortly after the celebration, Triple X acknowledged that Hellkid was retiring at the end of the night, and that Hellkid still had a few hours left on his MPW contract, and that the World Championship Rematch would start right now. The referee called for the bell, and Logan X immediately rolled up The Hellkid for a pin fall victory. The winner and new MPW World Champion, “Lethal” Logan X.

April 21st , 2017

Friday Night at the MPW Arena April 21, 2017 Moorpark, CA
In his MPW debut, Pinky Santino defeated “Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan.
The Bigger Banana defeated the Masked Papaya. “The Supreme Leader of Uklejakstan” Uday Ukleja and The Bananas “deported” The Masked Papaya by dragging him out of the building after the post-match beat-down.
The MPW Tag Team Championship was on the line with the team of Dan Joseph & Ray Rosas defending against former MPW Tag Team Champions The Rising Sun (Master Flame & Tanaka). While Joseph and Rosas bickered through the match, the two were able to steal a victory – Dan Joseph snuck in a tag before Ray Rosas could put Tanaka in a figure-four while Joseph would pinch the pin fall.
The MPW World Championship would be on the line as champion “Lethal” Logan X was set to defend against Jimi Mayhem. When Logan X went for his second attempt at a rear-naked chokehold, The Echelon (Roadblock & Bulletproof) would interfere in the match resulting in a disqualification. The referee, Ashston tried to maintain control, but he was pushed to his breaking point. Forced to defend himself, he fought back which prompted a challenge by the MPW World Champion, “Lethal” Logan X and Ashston the Referee versus The Echelon in the Main Event.
The team of Daniel Moon and Daniel “D-Man” Parker took on Brothers Divine (Danny and Brendan Divine) in tag team action. In the end, Brothers Divine proved to be the better team as Danny Divine pinned Daniel “D-Man” Parker.
The main event announced impromptu showed Ashston the Referee getting his first taste of in-ring action. After taking SIX German suplexes from Bulletproof, Ashston was still able to make the tag to the MPW World Champion “Lethal” Logan X. Once Logan had equalized the situation in the ring by eliminating Roadblock, he would tag Ashston in where the two would both deliver kicks to the body of Bulletproof. Ashston the Referee would then pin Bulletproof for the win. It was then announced that this Friday Night show would be Ashston the Referee’s last show for the near future as he will be off to the USMC boot camp this coming Monday. The entire backstage locker room poured into the ring to say their goodbyes in an emotional moment for the wrestlers and the fans. “Thank You Ashston” chants rang through the building until Ashtson’s hand was raised in victory as he held the MPW World Championship.

April 14, 2017

Friday Night at the MPW ArenaApril 7, 2017

Moorpark, CA
MPW Owner, Triple X announced that “Lethal” Logan X was unable to defend the World Championship against Clubbin’ Cody because Logan X is a hero and serving and protecting the citizens of San Fernando. Clubbin’ Cody accused Triple X of giving Cody the Daniel Moon treatment in providing obstacles to achieving glory.

Triple X instead inserted Clubbin’ Cody into the already scheduled MPW National Championship between Daniel Moon and Tofer Cash, making it a Triple Threat Match.
But first, The MPW Tag Team Championship Match between The Echelon defending against the team of Former MPW World Champion Dan Joseph and Former MPW National Champion Ray Rosas. Dan Joseph & Ray Rosas would go on to capture the MPW Tag Team Championships by way of pin fall.
El Quetzal defeated Diablo del Negro via pin fall.
Max Ammo defeated “Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan via pin fall.
Uday Ukleja, escorted by the Bigger Banana would face Jugo Kong accompanied by the Big Banana. During the match, the Big Banana would turn on Kong, joining forces with Uklejakstan Dictator, Uday Ukleja and The Bigger Banana. In the end, Uday would win the match with an Uklejakstan Slam (Alabama Slam) and a pin fall.
In an MPW Arena Street Fight match, Duke Bennett took on his adversary Master Flame. The weapons consisted of trash cans, chairs, street signs, metal trays, a chain, powder, kendo sticks, and more. Breaking everything over each other’s bodies and pushing each other to the limit, The Echelon out-numbering Master Flame would not be enough. Flame would take the win after Bulletproof inadvertently blinded Bennett with baby powder which led to a pin fall victory.
In the Triple Threat Match for the MPW National Championship, there were times it seemed that Clubbin’ Cody’s newly formed friendship with Daniel Moon would come to a head whenever Cody would try to steal a quick victory over Tofer Cash. However, the two ultimately teamed up on Cash, essentially turning it into an unofficial handicap match. With the Clubbin’ Kids on the outside pulling favors for Cody that would backfire, Tofer made a case that he might take home the gold. Ultimately the numbers game proved too much for Cash as Moon would deliver “Moon Landing” in order to defeat Tofer Cash. Winner, and still MPW National Champion, Daniel Moon.

April 7th , 2017

Friday Night at the MPW ArenaApril 7, 2017

Moorpark, CA.
The opening segment featured a Triple X parody by Daniel Moon (wearing a wig with man-bun and fake beard to portray Triple X) with his guests Dan Joseph and Ray Rosas. Each had a gripe with Triple X in regards to Championship matches owed to each. Each made their case.

Triple X came out and stipulated that Dan and Ray would have to win their respective singles’ matches in order to be awarded a Championship match. Moon would be awarded an MPW National Championship as he is indeed the # 1 Contender.
In the first match of the evening, El Quetzal defeated Roadblock via pin fall.
Master Flame defeated Duke Bennett by way of disqualification after Bennett struck Flame with a chair. This prompted a Street Fight Rules Match next Friday Night at the MPW Arena.
Clubbin’ Cody came out and introduced his new protection detail – The Clubbin’ Kids (Red Boy & Blue Boy). The two would be pivotal in their interference which distracted Cody’s opponent, Brendan Divine while Cody absorbed the referee’s attention. Cody would then defeat Divine via pin fall.
In the MPW debut of Daniel “D-Man” Parker, Dan Joseph would cover his end of the bargain by winning his match and defeating Parker with a pin fall.
MPW World Champion “Lethal” Logan X emerged with his daughter “Lethal” Lilly X-23 to address the capacity crowd before being interrupted by Bulletproof. Logan X accepted the impromptu challenge before defeating Bulletproof via pin fall.
Ray Rosas had to face Danny Divine in his contest for a Championship Bout. Divine was rallying before Dan Joseph came to ringside for the distraction which earned Ray Rosas a pin fall victory.
Triple X congratulated the two for their unscrupulous victories on the evening and awarded the bitter rivals a Tag Team Championship match against the Echelon for next Friday Night at the MPW Arena. Dan Joseph & Ray Rosas proceeded to argue – pushing and shoving.
In the night’s Main Event, Daniel Moon faced the MPW National Champion Osiris Mittens. During the match, Aurora Starr interfered by striking Mittens with the belt. Moon ripped the ear off the mask of Osiris Mittens before ending the match with a 450-splash and a pin fall. Winner, and new MPW National Champion – Daniel Moon.

California Classic April 1st 2017

Logan X defeated Dan Joseph to win the MPW Heavyweight title in the main event of MPW’s “California Classic” on April 1st in Moorpark. Also on the show Danny Divine and Daniel Moon hit the floor at the same time during the California Classic Rumble and were both declared the winners. Click for full results.
Millennium Pro Wrestling

California Classic

April 1, 2017

Boys & Girls Club of Moorpark

Moorpark, CA
The Echelon (Bulletproof & Roadblock) over El Quetzal & Koto Hiro to retain the MPW tag-team championship
Handicap Match

Brawlin Bo Cooper over Jay Baker and Anthony Roads
Duke Bennett over Tanaka
Brothers Divine (Danny & Brendan Divine) over Clubbin’ Cody & Daniel Moon
H.A.T.E (Ray Rosas & Mondo Vega) over James Angel & Lawrence “The Troll” Sakamoto
MPW National Championship Match

Osiris Mittens over Ray Rosas to win the MPW National Championship
THE CALIFORNIA CLASSIC RUMBLE Match – winner faces the champion on MPW next event on June 3.

Danny Divine and Daniel Moon hit floor at the same time.

On June 3rd, the MPW Heavyweight Championship match will be a triple threat match
MPW Heavyweight Championship Match – Moorpark Street Fight

“Lethal” Logan X over Dan Joseph to win the MPW Heavyweight Championship

March 17th, 2017

Friday Night at the MPW Arena
March 3, 2017
Moorpark, CA.

Ray Rosas defeated Hobo via disqualification (Hobo inadvertently kneed the referee in the nether-regions).

“Lethal” Logan X defeated Diablo del Negro via pin fall. Jugo Kong defeated Uday Ukleja via disqualification (The Bigger Banana debuted by revealing himself as a henchman for Uday Ukleja).

Master Flame defeated Duke Bennett via Count Out. After the match, Bennett attacked the knee of Master Flame before demanding a rematch from MPW Owner, Triple X.

Daniel Moon defeated Osiris Mittens with the help of Aurora Starr’s Moonsault while the referee was distracted, followed up by a Moon-Landing and a pin fall.

The Echelon (Roadblock & Bulletproof) defeated Clubbin’ Cody & Danny Divine via pinfall to become two-time MPW Tag Team Champions. During the match, Daniel Moon took Divine out of the match when the referee had his back turned. By the time Cody was pinned, Divine attempted to make the save but was too late. Afterwards, Clubbin’ Cody & Danny Divine challenged Moon and any partner he chooses in a tag team match next week.

Dan Joseph defeated Mikey O’Shea via pin fall to retain the MPW World Championship, but was nailed with a trash can by “Lethal” Logan X to cut his victory celebration short.

March 3rd, 2017

Friday Night at the MPW Arena
March 3, 2017
Moorpark, CA.

Bulletproof defeated Diablo del Negro via pin fall.

“Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan defeated the Hellkid via pin fall.
However, after the bout, Hellkid was enraged by the loss. He inserted O’Sullivan’s head into a chair, and dropped a flying knee from the second rope.

Uday Ukleja defeated Jugo Kong via pin fall. After the match, he proceeded to attack Kong, but the Big Banana would come to the rescue to aid his adversary Jugo Kong. The two became best friends.

Daniel Moon defeated Ja Rasta by way of Moon Landing and a pin fall.

Danny Divine defeated Duke Bennett with Divine Intervention and a pin fall.
After the match, The Tag Team Champions, The Echelon (Bulletproof & Roadblock) came out from the backstage to attack Divine. MPW Owner Triple X promptly came to ring side and immediately ejected Bennett from the building, then broke up the ensuing physical altercation between Divine and the Tag Champs. Triple X then announced, in the Main Event next week, a Tag Team Championship Match between The Echelon and the team of Danny Divine & Clubbin’ Cody.

In the Main Event, Dan Joseph defeated the MPW National Champion Osiris Mittens to retain the MPW World Championship via pin fall.

February 24, 2017

Friday Night at the MPW Arena
February 24, 2017
Moorpark, CA.

Duke Bennett defeated Clubbin’ Cody via pinfall. Later in the evening, when Bennett jumped Clubbin’ Cody from behind in a provocative maneuver towards Danny Divine.

Ja Rasta defeated Hellkid with an inside cradle. Mario Banks and Hellkid teamed up to beat up Ja Rasta after the bell.

Jugo Kong defeated Uday Ukleja via pin fall.

Bulletproof was scheduled to face Chaz Herrera, however, Uncle Chaz would be missing. When Bulletproof insisted that the referee begin the count-out, MPW Owner Triple X announced that while Herrera may not be able to compete, Bulletproof would have to face “Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan.

Bulletproof defeated O’Sullivan via pinfall.

Shortly after intermission, Chaz Herrera emerged from the backstage while fighting with Bulletproof to the ring. Triple X ordered the referee to ring the bell. Chaz Herrera defeated Bulletproof via figure-four leg-lock.

Osiris Mittens defeated Mario Banks via pin fall to retain the MPW National Championship.

Daniel Moon defeated Jacob Tarasso via Moon Landing and a pin fall.

February 17, 2017

Friday Nights at the MPW Arena
February 17, 2017

Moorpark, CA
Osiris Mittens defeated Jimi Mayhem via pin fall by way of a Kitty Palm Strike to retain the MPW National Championship.

Jugo Kong defeated the Big Banana via pin fall.

Master Flame defeated “Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan via submission.
Brawlin’ Bo Cooper defeated Diablo del Negro via pin fall by way of a Spicolli Driver.

Clubbin’ Cody defeated Ja Rasta after nailing a springboard bulldog off the top rope and a pin fall.

The Echelon defeated Thundergun Express with the help of Daniel Moon distracting the referee so that Bulletproof could hit Jacob Tarasso with a low-blow from behind to earn the pin fall. The Echelon retained the Tag Team Championships, and manager Lex Icon gave Thundergun Express participation certificate awards.

Daniel Moon defeated Koto Hiro with his patented Moon Landing and a pin fall. With the victory, Daniel Moon became the Number One Contender to the MPW National Championship.

When Moon appeared to attempt to deliver another Moon Landing, Danny Divine crashed the party and attacked Moon from behind. Their rivalry continues…