April 7th , 2017

Friday Night at the MPW ArenaApril 7, 2017

Moorpark, CA.
The opening segment featured a Triple X parody by Daniel Moon (wearing a wig with man-bun and fake beard to portray Triple X) with his guests Dan Joseph and Ray Rosas. Each had a gripe with Triple X in regards to Championship matches owed to each. Each made their case.

Triple X came out and stipulated that Dan and Ray would have to win their respective singles’ matches in order to be awarded a Championship match. Moon would be awarded an MPW National Championship as he is indeed the # 1 Contender.
In the first match of the evening, El Quetzal defeated Roadblock via pin fall.
Master Flame defeated Duke Bennett by way of disqualification after Bennett struck Flame with a chair. This prompted a Street Fight Rules Match next Friday Night at the MPW Arena.
Clubbin’ Cody came out and introduced his new protection detail – The Clubbin’ Kids (Red Boy & Blue Boy). The two would be pivotal in their interference which distracted Cody’s opponent, Brendan Divine while Cody absorbed the referee’s attention. Cody would then defeat Divine via pin fall.
In the MPW debut of Daniel “D-Man” Parker, Dan Joseph would cover his end of the bargain by winning his match and defeating Parker with a pin fall.
MPW World Champion “Lethal” Logan X emerged with his daughter “Lethal” Lilly X-23 to address the capacity crowd before being interrupted by Bulletproof. Logan X accepted the impromptu challenge before defeating Bulletproof via pin fall.
Ray Rosas had to face Danny Divine in his contest for a Championship Bout. Divine was rallying before Dan Joseph came to ringside for the distraction which earned Ray Rosas a pin fall victory.
Triple X congratulated the two for their unscrupulous victories on the evening and awarded the bitter rivals a Tag Team Championship match against the Echelon for next Friday Night at the MPW Arena. Dan Joseph & Ray Rosas proceeded to argue – pushing and shoving.
In the night’s Main Event, Daniel Moon faced the MPW National Champion Osiris Mittens. During the match, Aurora Starr interfered by striking Mittens with the belt. Moon ripped the ear off the mask of Osiris Mittens before ending the match with a 450-splash and a pin fall. Winner, and new MPW National Champion – Daniel Moon.

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