April 21st , 2017

Friday Night at the MPW Arena April 21, 2017 Moorpark, CA
In his MPW debut, Pinky Santino defeated “Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan.
The Bigger Banana defeated the Masked Papaya. “The Supreme Leader of Uklejakstan” Uday Ukleja and The Bananas “deported” The Masked Papaya by dragging him out of the building after the post-match beat-down.
The MPW Tag Team Championship was on the line with the team of Dan Joseph & Ray Rosas defending against former MPW Tag Team Champions The Rising Sun (Master Flame & Tanaka). While Joseph and Rosas bickered through the match, the two were able to steal a victory – Dan Joseph snuck in a tag before Ray Rosas could put Tanaka in a figure-four while Joseph would pinch the pin fall.
The MPW World Championship would be on the line as champion “Lethal” Logan X was set to defend against Jimi Mayhem. When Logan X went for his second attempt at a rear-naked chokehold, The Echelon (Roadblock & Bulletproof) would interfere in the match resulting in a disqualification. The referee, Ashston tried to maintain control, but he was pushed to his breaking point. Forced to defend himself, he fought back which prompted a challenge by the MPW World Champion, “Lethal” Logan X and Ashston the Referee versus The Echelon in the Main Event.
The team of Daniel Moon and Daniel “D-Man” Parker took on Brothers Divine (Danny and Brendan Divine) in tag team action. In the end, Brothers Divine proved to be the better team as Danny Divine pinned Daniel “D-Man” Parker.
The main event announced impromptu showed Ashston the Referee getting his first taste of in-ring action. After taking SIX German suplexes from Bulletproof, Ashston was still able to make the tag to the MPW World Champion “Lethal” Logan X. Once Logan had equalized the situation in the ring by eliminating Roadblock, he would tag Ashston in where the two would both deliver kicks to the body of Bulletproof. Ashston the Referee would then pin Bulletproof for the win. It was then announced that this Friday Night show would be Ashston the Referee’s last show for the near future as he will be off to the USMC boot camp this coming Monday. The entire backstage locker room poured into the ring to say their goodbyes in an emotional moment for the wrestlers and the fans. “Thank You Ashston” chants rang through the building until Ashtson’s hand was raised in victory as he held the MPW World Championship.

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