April 14, 2017

Friday Night at the MPW ArenaApril 7, 2017

Moorpark, CA
MPW Owner, Triple X announced that “Lethal” Logan X was unable to defend the World Championship against Clubbin’ Cody because Logan X is a hero and serving and protecting the citizens of San Fernando. Clubbin’ Cody accused Triple X of giving Cody the Daniel Moon treatment in providing obstacles to achieving glory.

Triple X instead inserted Clubbin’ Cody into the already scheduled MPW National Championship between Daniel Moon and Tofer Cash, making it a Triple Threat Match.
But first, The MPW Tag Team Championship Match between The Echelon defending against the team of Former MPW World Champion Dan Joseph and Former MPW National Champion Ray Rosas. Dan Joseph & Ray Rosas would go on to capture the MPW Tag Team Championships by way of pin fall.
El Quetzal defeated Diablo del Negro via pin fall.
Max Ammo defeated “Backwoods” Warren O’Sullivan via pin fall.
Uday Ukleja, escorted by the Bigger Banana would face Jugo Kong accompanied by the Big Banana. During the match, the Big Banana would turn on Kong, joining forces with Uklejakstan Dictator, Uday Ukleja and The Bigger Banana. In the end, Uday would win the match with an Uklejakstan Slam (Alabama Slam) and a pin fall.
In an MPW Arena Street Fight match, Duke Bennett took on his adversary Master Flame. The weapons consisted of trash cans, chairs, street signs, metal trays, a chain, powder, kendo sticks, and more. Breaking everything over each other’s bodies and pushing each other to the limit, The Echelon out-numbering Master Flame would not be enough. Flame would take the win after Bulletproof inadvertently blinded Bennett with baby powder which led to a pin fall victory.
In the Triple Threat Match for the MPW National Championship, there were times it seemed that Clubbin’ Cody’s newly formed friendship with Daniel Moon would come to a head whenever Cody would try to steal a quick victory over Tofer Cash. However, the two ultimately teamed up on Cash, essentially turning it into an unofficial handicap match. With the Clubbin’ Kids on the outside pulling favors for Cody that would backfire, Tofer made a case that he might take home the gold. Ultimately the numbers game proved too much for Cash as Moon would deliver “Moon Landing” in order to defeat Tofer Cash. Winner, and still MPW National Champion, Daniel Moon.

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